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Urban Dictionary: o.0.
Get a o.0 mug for your papa Trump. OMFG your such a o0. by Sagey January 31, 2003. Get a o0 mug for your mother-in-law Nathalie. 1999-2018 Urban Dictionary. advertise terms of service. privacy dmca remove. help chat jobs. o0 i o i 00.
Racist Chicken! o.0 YouTube.
NOTE: The KFC ad was originally shown in Australia, where racism certainly exists but the fried-chicken" and black people" stereotype doesn't. Thus, large amounts of people did not complain about the ad until it hit the internet and the rest of the world saw it.
Urban Dictionary: o.o.
Get a o.o mug for your dog Riley. An anime style smiley used to express shock, or. James: So last night my girlfriend dressed like a catgirl Drew: O-O. 0 t-t @-@ x-x o-o. by Darth Seraph June 30, 2006.
Ø Wikipedia.
Its slash does not extend outside the ellipse except in handwriting. It is often used to distinguish zero" 0" from the Latin script letter O" anywhere that people wish to preempt confounding of the two, particularly in encoding systems, scientific and engineering applications, computer programming such as software development, and telecommunications.
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