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ONET Interest Profiler at My Next Move.
The ONET Interest Profiler helps you decide what kinds of careers you might want to explore. On each screen, click the Next button at the bottom to continue. You can use the Back button at the bottom to re-read the instructions or change your answers.
ONET Resource Center.
How are you using ONET products in your own projects? We'll' consider your story for inclusion in the ONET Products at Work directory. It's' a great way to share your products or research with the millions of other ONET users.
ONET Resource Center Overview.
The data have proven vital in helping people find the training and jobs they need, and employers the skilled workers necessary to be competitive in the marketplace. The Occupational Information Network ONET is developed under the sponsorship of the U.S.
ONET OnLine.
Enter a code or title from another classification to find the related ONET-SOC occupation. New BLS projections and industry info in ONET websites. Get ONET news by email or RSS. Start the career you've' dreamed about, or find one you never imagined.
ONET Resource Center Career Exploration.
Work Styles 16 work style characteristics that can connect what is important to a worker with occupations that reflect or develop those values, such as Initiative, Persistence, Cooperation, etc. Work Context 57 physical and social factors that influence the nature of work, such as physical and structural work characteristics.
ONET Resource Center ONET OnLine.
The Department of Labor is committed to making ONET OnLine accessible to everyone, including persons with disabilities. Screen reader compatibility is built in and the application enables users to adjust font size on-screen without linking to another site this replaces the low vision version provided in an earlier release.
Onet Jeste na bieco. Artboard 1.
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Occupational Information Network Wikipedia.
It is a digital database which offers a flexible" system, allowing users to reconfigure data to meet their needs" as opposed to the fixed" format" of the DOT; it reflects the employment needs of an Information society rather than an Industrial society; costs the government and users much less than a printed book would, and is easier to update as new data is collected.

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