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ONET Interest Profiler at My Next Move.
The ONET Interest Profiler helps you decide what kinds of careers you might want to explore. On each screen, click the Next button at the bottom to continue. You can use the Back button at the bottom to re-read the instructions or change your answers.
ONET Resource Center.
Search careers with keywords in Spanish. Links to Spanish content for training and jobs. My Next Move. For students and job seekers. Easy-to-use search and career overviews. Web-based Interest Profiler. For HR, workforce development, research, counseling. Variety of search options.
Occupational Information Network Wikipedia.
government were available through the book, The Dictionary of Occupational Titles or the DOT. The DOT was first published in 1938 and emerged" in an industrial economy and emphasized blue-collar jobs. Updated periodically, the DOT provided useful occupational information for many years.
ONET OnLine.
Enter a code or title from another classification to find the related ONET-SOC occupation. New BLS projections and industry info in ONET websites. Get ONET news by email or RSS. Start the career you've' dreamed about, or find one you never imagined.
ONET Resource Center Career Exploration Tools.
Electronic components of the Ability Profiler, Interest Profiler, Computerized Interest Profiler, Work Importance Locator, and the Work Importance Profiler tools e.g, instruments, software, score reports, master lists of occupations, and user's' guides, along with documentation and supplementary reports are available from this website.
ONET Resource Center Career Exploration.
occurring on multiple jobs. Interests Six occupational types that can be connected with a worker's' personal interests to indicate which occupations would be most fulfilling. Work Styles 16 work style characteristics that can connect what is important to a worker with occupations that reflect or develop those values, such as Initiative, Persistence, Cooperation, etc.
Contents ONET Job Description Occupational Information Network.
89505B Custom Tailors. 89511 Shoe and Leather Workers and Repairers Precision. 89514 Spotters, Dry Cleaning. 89517 Pressers, Delicate Fabrics. 89521 Precision Dyers. 89599A Rug Repairers. 89599B Fur Garment Workers. 89599C Fabricators, Canvas and Net Products. 89599D Hat Makers and Repairers.
ETA ONET, Employment Training Administration ETA U.S. Department of Labor.
These distinguishing characteristics, or descriptors, of an occupation are collected, codified, and described by the ONET Content Model. This hierarchical model starts with six domains or categories, describing the day-to-day aspects of the job and the qualifications and interests of the typical worker.

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