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Variant /o/ as in ball.
Consonant Letter X. Consonant Letter Z. Vowel Digraphs, Variant Vowels, Diphthongs, and Open Vowels. Long E Digraph. Long A Digraph. Long O Digraph. Short E Digraph. Variant /oo/ as in hoop. Variant /o/ as in saw. Variant /o/ as in ball.
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cheerio; kiddo; neato; righto. the interjection O, appended to words as in def 2; as a derivational suffix reinforced by clipped forms of words with o as a linking element e.g, photo, stereo, by Rom nouns ending in o, and by personal nouns such as bimbo and bozo, of obscure origin.
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When did the British and the Americans start to pronounce o" as in God" differently? English Language Usage Stack Exchange.
In some cases in the US the o" is pronounced using the or" vowel in words like long Central East Coast and horrid especially in the western US. The plummy" quality of some RP speakers is probably due to an exaggeration of this o" vowel, and other vowels, by pushing the tongue as far back as possible, accomplished by speaking whilst imagining a mouth full of plums.
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It can also represent the semivowel / w / as in choir or quinoa. In English, the letter o in isolation before a noun, usually capitalized, marks the vocative case, as in the titles to O Canada or O Captain! dictionary: O as in Oboe: German-English translation.
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O! As in Oblivion The New Yorker. The New Yorker. The New Yorker.
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