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Hugs and kisses Wikipedia.
2 The Chi Rho, often represented with the letter X, was also used as a holy symbol throughout Christian history as it represented the Greek word for Christ; this gave rise to the practice of using the letter X, which was then kissed in this tradition of displaying a sacred oath. There is speculation on the Internet from at least one original source that the O is of North American descent: when arriving in the United States, Jewish immigrants, most of whose first language was Yiddish, would use an O to sign documents, thus not using the sign of the cross, and shop keepers would often use an O when signing documents, in place of an X.
How XOXO" Came to Mean Hugs" and Kisses."
One alternate theory that has gained a little traction over the years, is that the above theories on the X and Os are all wrong and it is the X that means hugs, mimicking two people embracing, and the O that appears to be a mouth puckered for a kiss, hence why its hugs and kisses.
Elle King Ex's' Oh's' Official Video YouTube.
Mix Elle King Ex's' Oh's' Official Video YouTube. Ellie Goulding On My Mind Duration: 405. EllieGouldingVEVO 240139924, views. WALK THE MOON Shut Up and Dance Duration: 407. WalkTheMoonVEVO 272642373, views. Elle King, R-Rated worse than R, My" Puy song, Hilarious.
Urban Dictionary: X's' and O's.'
X is for the crossing of the arms when one hugs another, and O is for the shape of one's' mouth for a kiss. Dear Love-of-my-life, insert really sappy love letter-type thing here X's' and O's, insert the sappy love letter's' writer's' name here.
X's' and O's' Wikipedia.
Jump to: navigation, search. X's' and O's' Exes and Ohs, Ex's' and Oh's' and other homophonic variants in spelling of that phrase may refer to.: Xs and Os, another name for the game Tic-tac-toe. Ex's' and Oh's' a 2006 song by Atreyu."
X's' and O's' Wiktionary.
Derived from the use of the letters X and O as common stand-ins for other concepts. X's' and O's' pl plural only. idiomatic, sports The fundamental elements of a play. 2006, Jerry Krause and Ralph Pim, Basketball Beyond the X's' And O's' Lessons from the Legends.
Beyond X's' O's' Women's' Sports Foundation.
Gender Bias and Coaches of Women's' College Sports. This nationwide online survey, the largest of its kind to-date, was designed to generate facts and analysis of the workplace experiences and views of both female and male coaches of intercollegiate womens sports.

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